Our charity partners work tirelessly to create real change in the world. And because our mission is to serve world changers (the charities and you!) we decided to do things differently than most. Every Carcomp campaign is self-funded and requires no budget, and no running from our partners. That’s correct, no outlay or day to day running of the campaign from the Charity, Carcomp manages everything which is why we optimize our work to raise funds as quickly and efficiently as possible and therefore make the most impact. Once set up, these campaigns can be ran over and over again to continually raise funds all year round.

In order to fully maximize impact for these causes, we provide a full suite of turnkey services focused on removing the hassles from fundraising. Our marketing team have a full range of marketing material ready to go, our tech team built this website you’re on, our customer experience team handles requests from Celebrities, Ambassadors, and the charities they support, getting the monies raised to the charities quickly and effectively.